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D., is variously listed by Internet directories as being headquartered in either West Des Moines, Iowa or Lombard, Illinois, Dr. System Designer." He also is on the staff of Interpol as a "Medical Officer Investigator on Narcotics Control," and is an "International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association (INEOA) Representative to the United Nations NGOECOSOC." (4) ECOSOC stands for Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Creusat is an official representative of a foreign police agency working with a nongovernmental organization (NGO) of the United Nations. There is a lot of evidence that chips are under development that can tie into the brain's neuronetwork, giving someone who controls the chip the ability to control the thoughts and actions of anyone who contains the chip:(3)I'm sure that many who read that edition of The Boulder Weekly must have scoffed and sneered. net someday integrate this brain control technology into its global system? Not any of the ancient and well-proven means of mentally or physically imposing one person's will by police action or torture.

It took all of my investigative skills to elicit a formal response from these men to my simple request for information. Later, Media Bypass magazine published this excerpt:quoted Texe Marrs, a political science professor and author of "Dark Secrefs of the New Age," as saying the implants will likely "be used by a One World government to track people and exercise control over their lives...

The world must be "reinvented;' a newfound 'Politics of Meaning" is in order, a "New Covenant."These changes are necessary, we are reminded each day by our mind control jailers in the media, to solve the immigration crisis, to institute gun control, to counter domestic terrorism, to fight pornography, to find deadbeat dads who don't pay child support, to "Save Mother Earth,' to protect endangered species, to war against drug kingpins, to stop crime in the streets, to watch and monitor the militias, to prevent ethnic cleansing and tribal rivalries, to put an end to hate crimes and bigotry, to extend universal healthcare benefits, to guarantee welfare reform, to improve public education... A key component of this larger control system is L. All spy information acquired on humans, plus the future data from their Universal Biometrics Card, is to be fed into the gigantic network, which is called the Universal Computerized Identification Clearinghouse Resource Center. Final disposition, when deemed appropriate, will be made at a regional Processing and Detention Center. During the Vietnam conflict, the federal government's Top Secret, Operation Phoenix program was responsible for the arrest, incarceration, torture, and murder of over 50,000 innocent civilians. It can be expected that managers of these agencies will be briefed on how to use coverup propaganda to cleverly respond to public and local press inquiries, so that the awful truth will not become known until it is too late. Based on a growing mountain of evidence, I am also convinced that the National Security Agency, through its subsidiary, servant organizations in America, the CIA, FBI, DOJ, BATF, IRS, etc., is guilty of horrific, murderous and barbaric acts of terrorism everywhere on planet earth. may hone in on certain individuals whom the government feels are undesirables, but everyone will come under its authority and be subject to its high tech sensors. West would be selected to oversee the psychiatric evaluation of Mr. It seems that in the eyes of the government there was good reasonsomething that they did not want others to see perhaps? ) a biochip implanted on his body-and I suspect he didwe still must face up to the chilling fact that, with the implementation of Project L. But someday soon, the offshoots of this system will be used in a way that their inventors probably never envisioned: Satan's "Big Brother," New World Order, global government.

The list of crises and problems to be fixed seems to be never-ending. For example, government PR experts will reassure the frightened and startled masses that, "all constitutional protections remain in place."Worried citizens are also to be advised that the new system is designed to "protect them" from savage acts by international and domestic terrorists, such as occurred in the Oklahoma City and New York's Wor Id Trade Center bombings. With their so-called "black budgets,' the NSA and its inferior organizations sponsor, create, fund, and manage terror units and groups of all ideological stripes and shades, from left-wing Communist to right-wing Fascist, from Arab-Islamic to Jewish, and from white supremacist to black separatist. Sutton, a highly astute researcher who authored The Secret Establishment and other books unmasking secret societies and exposing the aims of the globalists, is one of the tiny handful of men who have, so far, exposed the manifest dangers of L. Currently, Americans are numbered with a rune-digit Social Security number that allows them to be tracked anywhere in the country with computers.

DARPA has also been the sugar daddy for the fabled Star Wars missile defense systems development. Ultimately, this identification, tracking, and monitoring of innocent, yet despised, Christian victims will result in the incarceration and death of unto Id masses. In this soon-coming CASHLESS ELECTRONIC DEBIT system, no one will be able to BUY OR SELL anything, anywhere without the New World Order global biochip "MARK" in their right hands or foreheads (the mark of the Beast).

However, unbeknown even to our ignorant and deceived U. Senators and Representatives, along with its defense projects, the men who plot behind the massive, locked doors of the NSA's Puzzle Palace have also spent as much as $250 billion dollars, spread over the past quarter of a century, to create systems of human control. If, however, you do not fit into the category of a biblical Christian or a patriotic resister to the New World Order, do not think you will escape the all seeing eye of Big Brother's Project L. The biochip will be the agency by which all financial transactions are registered. net presents mankind with a "Do or Die" predicament.

First, it mandates that every adult and child-even newborn babies-be issued a universal biometrics I. Data about your daily habits and movements will flow into the Beast system from spy satellites, constantly circling overhead, watching us all like the squinting eyes of a giant, soaring eagle, ready to pounce and consume its hapless victims. This they will do even though the Beast is given "a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies." This bold, but evil, man will even dare to open his mouth in blasphemy against God, "to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven" (Revelation 13:5-6). : In studying prophecy, we discover that, to cement and strengthen his authority over the lives and fortunes of men and women, the Beast will, in that savage time of brutality and awesome, Big Brother dictatorship, organize the financial systems and commerce of the whole world (Revelation 18). is fully in operation, they add, it will help solve all those terrible crises the press keeps telling you about. " Might we, unless we resist, "become first its worshippers, and finally its sacrifices? Unlike Christians who know their Bible, men such as Tim Willard and other influential members of the pro-globalist, New Age-oriented World Future Society, appear overly confident in man's ability to control government.

A "Smart Card" with an advanced computer microchip, this powerful, reprogrammable I. card will store millions of bytes of information about the recipient-his or her photo, fingerprint, footprint, iris (eye) scan, DNA genotype, human leukocyte antigen data, financial status, and personal history. The information will come in from laser scanners at supermarkets, department stores, and direct-mail houses which record every single item you purchase. who is able to make war with him" (Revelation 13:4)? D.., indeed, the fulfillment of the breathtaking prophecies of the Antichrist, 666, recorded in the book of Revelation? Do we not have something to fear from "the computer's ability to become a latter-day Baal? People would still worry."(15)But obviously, Tim Willard isn't worried. Millions of citizens, intoxicated by today's modern, high tech wizardry, are oblivious to the ominous dangers that this technology will be abused.In the last few years, I have steadily seen those same, dark systems introduced in the public marketplace, often presented as something positive, good, and beneficial for the progress and prosperity of mankind. But unlike the government bureaucrats and the corporate promoters-who stand to wield awesome power and acquire tremendous wealth from the L. In his book, The Permanent Revolution: The French Revolution and Its Legacy, Professor George Steiner paints a grim picture of a brief episode in history in which all things changed abruptly-almost overnight. Its sponsors claim it will be a godsend to the global law enforcement community, especially in fighting international and domestic terrorism. The Beast 666 system mandates that every man, woman, and chi Id on planet earth be issued a high tech, "Smart" I. The computerized Universal Biometrics Card guarantees the control and surveillance of every living human being. This will be accomplished under existing forfeiture laws, originally designed to stop drug dealers and kingpins, but now being used across America by Gestapo police to harass and bankrupt private citizens opposed to Big Brother government's criminal activities. The infamous activities and international crimes of France's intelligence service, Russia's KGB secret police, Israel's spy agency, the Mossad, Britain's MI-6, and Canada's Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS) can all be laid at the feet of America's notoriously evil National Security Agency. Literally thousands of Americans now carry these microdevices under their skin... Was it this device which allowed the federal Gestapo cops to track down and locate Mc Veigh so soon after the bombing incident?The upheaval in France was so brutal, and so wrenching, that the entire social, political, economic, and religious order was turned on its head. The card will contain templates, or samples, of the "individual's DNA genotype" and his or her "human leukocyte antigen." The artificial intelligence software and special sensors loaded into the card will also implement a number of other identification methods, including the capture of such human features as profile and facial photos, fingerprints, footprints, and iris scans of the eye. These forfeiture laws are conveniently used by federal agencies and local law enforcement authorities throughout the 50 states to grab the property of people not guilty of any crime. Individuals who have been arrested and their property seized and sold at auction, will then be transported with other dissidents by truck, bus, and air to a FEMA-managed, regional Federal Prison Transfer Center for proper "categorization" and "disposition." Entire families are to be disposed of in this manner. is for your own good, and anyone who says differently is either a conspiracy nut or a dangerous, antigovernment protester."The Bible predicted that an end-times Beast 666 Universal Human Control System wou I. The whirring of the computers and the eerie sounds emanating from the ultra-classified, cryptographic machines inside the NSA's Puzzle Palace never cease. Endangered animals and livestock also carry implants to track their migration of feeding habits.(22) Interestingly, Timothy Mc Veigh, alleged bomber of the federal building in Oklahoma City, claimed that, while on active duty, the U. Did the feds know where the suspected terrorist was at all times, courtesy of an overflying satellite-even before the bomb went off? Rod Lewis, publisher of CE Chronicles and head of a scientific study network in Houston, Texas, apparently mindful of this distinct possibility, noted: "There are no reports that Mc Veigh had any type of mental illness, disorder, or displayed any clinical symptoms of paranoid or delusional thinking."(23)Dr.The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System has been designed and is being implemented in America and throughout the world. Now it's here, and soon, there will be no place left to hide. is fully operational, every man, woman, and child will fall under the power of its hideous, cyberelectronic grasp. Our telephone conversations will be automatically wiretapped and transcripted by the National Security Agency, then digitally sent on their way via the Information Superhighway, each being sequentially stored and accessible on the L. This, then, is a prophecy which reveals to us the incredible scope and dominion of the Beast. the chilling Beast 666 Universal Human Control System which, according to the Bible, is destined to "devour" the whole world and break it into pieces (Daniel 7:7)? Remember, this does not come from some "wild-eyed conspiracy theorist,' as the controlled media are prone to describe it. I recall driving each day past the huge and monstrously solemn building at Lackland Air Force Base where young warriors train in the latest cryptographic equipment and techniques. net claim their system is only proposed, that it is not in operation at this time. The powers who rule over us are already implementing many aspects of this draconian, computerized control system. Dominic Corvey and Neil Mc Alister sound words of caution: "If we fail to fear the computer's ability to become a latter-day Baal who demands our sacrifices on the altar of technology,' they warn, "then we may, unresistingly, become first its worshippers, and finally its sacrifices."(3)Please, I beg you, read Project L. They fear the awful truth; therefore, they avoid it and cast it from their minds and consciousness. He observes that, "The word LUCID is notably close to LUCIS, or LUCIFER."Terry Cook, another researcher aware of the plan for L. "At the checkout stand at a supermarket, you would simply pass your hand over a scanner and your bank account would automatically be debited."(19) How fascinating it is for us to realize that Willard's visionary, future use of the implantable biochip would perfectly fulfill Bible prophecy.By the year 2000, Big Brother's evil, octopus-like tentacles will squeeze every ounce of lifeblood out of the people. Consider the unbelievable magnitude and dimensions of Project L. His authority is to extend throughout the entire earth. This shocking, eye-opening prophecy comes straight from the mind of God. My mind goes back to the highly classified building in Italy-lacking windows, surrounded by barbed wire, patrolled by security police, and fortified by concretein which I toiled for many months. They are doing so without our permission and, for the most part, without our knowledge! Would it not be better, however, to know the truth, to discover the worst, and provide for it? For example, Revelation 13 warns of the Mark of the Beast to be given, either in the forehead or in the right hand. Another, I believe, will eventually constitute the number 666. America's CIA, IRS, and FBI, the Russian KGB, Europe's Interpol and Europol, Israel's Mossad, Britain's military intelligence-these are just a few of the planetary-wide law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies having access to your dossier and to mine. A government inspector must put his mark of certification on the facility making a product or it cannot be bought and sold."But," the skeptic may say, "the system described here, codenamed Project L. As I will demonstrate in this book, the Beast system is not only being constructed, its employment against Americans and against citizens of every nation on earth is inevitable. A strong delusion (II Thessalonians ) will overtake the minds of men so that they will willingly worship the Dragon (Satan) and the Beast, also known as the Antichrist (Revelation 13). I show that it is closely affiliated with the United Nations leadership and that the Lucis Trust's membership includes powerful men such as Robert Mc Namara, former Secretary of Defense and former head of the Wor Id Bank. Or consider this: A powerful "biochip" made from living protein that, once surgically implanted in the brain, could make it possible to program or "upload" an unlimited amount of information into the mind-without The technology to accomplish such fantastic feats is already here or, as in the case of the living biochip, in the process of being developed, says Tim Willard, executive officer of the World Future Society, a Washington D. They will hungrily and rapaciously tap into its billions of cyberspace-filed dossiers, searching for information by which they can extend the Beast's dominion and influence into every nook and cranny of our lives.cyberspace dossiers will be made instantly available to thousands of probing, faceless, police state agents and bureaucrats around the globe. While the high tech cops and their remote sensors, operating under L. Every gadget, every part, every device, every machine, every item of clothing, every piece of jewelry, every tool-in fact, all goods-will come under the authority of the ISO 9000 program. They would never allow such a Beast Computer system to be built and used."What naivete! Bible prophecy, with its stupendous, heart-gripping vision of a perilous future, reveals that the end time will be a tumultuous period of deception and betrayal. In my books, Dark Secrets of the New Age, Mystery Mark of the New Age, New Age Cults and Religions, and others, I examine the Lucis Trust and its subsidiary organizations. After your food items have been priced, tallied and bagged, simply pass your hand over the computer code scanner used on the groceries, and the bill will be automatically deducted from your checking account.A nightmarish, totalitarian police state is at hand. He is to rule and reign over every race and over every nation. Inside, powerful, room-sized computers hummed and buzzed as electronic communications machines-seeming to come straight out of some futuristic, Buck Rogers movie-monitored climactic events occurring across the globe. If you complain, they will tell you, of course, that they are doing this for your own good, that their control sensors will guarantee you security and safety. Patrick Henry, America's great orator and patriot of the Revolutionary War against the tyrannical regime of Britain's King George III, once made a stirring declaration of where he stood on such matters. The purging and cleansing of planet earth is at hand. Also, the use of the biochip for commercial purchases brings to mind the prophecy that, in the last days, no man may buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name, or the number of the beast. Willard sees as a positive and beneficial reality for man's immediate future will, in fact, usher in the nightmarish era of control, tribulation, and persecution foreseen by God's prophets some 1900 years ago!That is the thoroughly documented message-and momentous warning-sounded in this book. Never in human history has there been such a fantastic plot to handcuff and wrap modern men and women inside electronic, cyber-locked cages. Stationed in Germany, I was the commander of hundreds of technicians and specialists who traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East, establishing classified communications links and transmitting cryptologically encoded messages back and forth on secure lines. My prayer is that, as you read and study the pages that follow, you will take to heart his inspiring and uplifting words. The Beast intends to be rid of such dynamic "enemies of the state" as Christian separatists, patriots, and nationalists. I believe that the insider information we have obtained is tremendously important, unbelievably vital, and earthshaking. There seems to be no end of the "Frankenstein-type" uses to which the biochip can be applied.Do not for an instant think that you and your loved ones can escape the monstrous behemoth which lies in our path. Bible prophecy envisions a grotesque and amazing system of human control and enslavement. At the University of Texas at Austin for five years, I taught officer cadets American defense policy, the organization of the Air Force, and the history of aviation and aerospace. Is there any known case in the annals of criminal history in which a baby in a cradle committed some heinous act of global terrorism? Patrick Henry, history records, was a man who rejected the threats and seductions of Baal. is Satan's diabolical, end-times system of total and absolute human control. Every nation on earth will join in this campaign to eradicate the "human vermin and diseased human rats" who, it is said, now infect the wounded, sacred body of Mother Earth....shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. So, let us begin to unravel the mind-boggling secrets our elitist controllers do not want you to know! For example, what of an implantable biochip developed by Antichrist scientists which is programmed to cause humans to love Satan and hate Jesus Christ? We are discussing realistic technology, available now, which will be applied in the near future exactly as written in Bible prophecy. But, will a gullible public sit idly by while Big Brother cleverly rams this smooth battering ram into their chests? Hidden, miniature video cameras will be recording our activities, indoors and outdoors, day and night, obscenely invading our privacy and instantaneously transmitting their mountainous files of recorded, visual data to the Central Gestapo by the miraculous use of fiber optics lines. Moreover, warns the Bible, "it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations" (Revelation 13:7). Moreover, by minutely and totally controlling all purchases, the watchful, all seeing eye of the Beast ceaselessly glances and turns to and fro, capturing every person in its terrible sight: " man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name" (Revelation ). Air Force, I observed fantastic, technological advances come to reality-laser-guided "smart" munitions; missile warning radars; spy satellites; neutron bombs; remotely piloted vehicles (drone aircraft); Mirv'd ICBM platforms; and incredible, electronic, "killer" gadgetry that defies the imagination. The computer, they trumpet, is an instrument only of good. However, in their book, Computer Consciousness, authors H. "It is, today, most unpopular to present-as I have here-a message of "gloom and doom." Men everywhere seem to be caught up in denial. Reporting that within 15 to 20 years, "the regular microchip will be outclassed and replaced by a biochip made out of living protein,' Willard said that the technology behind the biochip is "fairly uncomplicated and, with a little refinement, could be used in a variety of human applications."(16)"It could be used as a universal identification card that would replace credit cards, passports, that sort of thing," Willard said.

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