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Meet Skyecandy, a brand-new way to online date using Skype.

The key apps, though, are the Vox Ox supplied Contacts, which resembles an IM client's buddy list and shows the availability of your contacts if the service they're on provides that info.

Like Trillian, Vox Ox lets users chat with friends using the IM services they already use, such as AIM, Yahoo, or MSN/Windows Live Messenger.

"We are connected to so many people through so many channels that communication is becoming increasingly unmanageable in today's media-centric society," said Bryan Hertz, chief executive of Tel Centris.

"The typical consumer, ages 14 to 45, wakes up and moves from Facebook, to Skype, to Blackberry or i Phone, to Gmail and Google Talk, to My Space, to You Tube to Yahoo Messenger, to a landline phone, and then back again.

Call me skeptical, but I'm not positive it's the best way to meet a long-term boyfriend.

Skype users will be familiar with the service's "Skype In" feature, which lets you buy a phone number that will work for any landline or cell phones.However, different users utilize their webcams in different ways, some want fancy effects to spice up their video feed, while others want something that can just get the work done.Keeping in mind the aforesaid points, we have compiled a list of the 10 best webcam software for Windows and Mac that stand out on certain parameters, be it their slick user interface, the diversity of editing tools, ease of usage, etc.Scene filters, face distortion lenses, emoticons, dynamic effects, and stickers are just a few of them. Well, in that case, how about face ‘Avatars’, AR stickers, and live animations to make your video feed look like a well-edited film? You Cam can also be synced with services like Skype and Yahoo Messenger, and also supports face login functionality for platforms like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter to name a few.On the technical side, You Cam saves images in multiple formats (JPG, BMP, PNG) and is capable of recording videos in AVI and WMV (MP4 too, for systems with VGA cards) file types at resolutions ranging from 240p to Full HD.The program is easy to use, and even tells you (in your own time zone) what time is the most active for you to log on!(For everyone on PST: 8 p.m.) It's a cute idea, and a potentially fun way to make a new friend.Since Vox Ox's maker is a telecommunications provider, it can provide some slick features not found in Skype, such as the ability to transfer a call from the web interface to a cell phone and to ring several numbers in order to reach you, with the "one number follow me" feature.Voicemail is included, along with a call directing "personal assistant" which can forward calls to a number of the caller's choice from a voice menu.Vox Ox is targeting its service at so-called "Millennials" and Gen Xers, who have come to rely on SMS text messaging as the primary method of communicating with friends and family.But the support for email, IM, and telephone lines brings Baby Boomers and older users into the fold.

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