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Dating dna plus review

With all this considered, we were excited to give it a go!

It was clear from the outset that the tests offered by DNAFit were aimed at using my DNA to provide insights into my diet and fitness.

Looking through the terms and conditions, I was slightly confused about how DNAFit would use my data for research, as most of the document talked about how it could be passed on as aggregated data to third parties for research if I gave my consent.

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The reports included an abundance of manageable and easily understandable information about my DNA and also provided focused and implementable advice, which wasn’t just based on eating less and exercising more.

The three things that I might find out about with a test from DNAFit was made immediately clear: ‘Fitness&Diet’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Wellness’.

As someone who enjoys exercise, but prefers to run than to take part in specific sports, I was most interested in exploring how my DNA might impact my fitness and diet, so clicked to find out more about this type of test.

This section explained what to expect from the process, via a step-by-step diagram and also a video which told me a bit about DNAFit and the process of testing, from taking the sample to it being analyzed in the lab and receiving results.

There was also a whole page dedicated to explaining the science behind the test.

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