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Buffy dating the immortal

Vampires are pretty popular when it comes to fictional couples.

Sookie and Bill (and Sookie and Eric) from “True Blood” are popular at the moment – but my favorite is definitely Angel and Buffy from “Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.” What makes this romance so appealing to fans?

Additionally, Buffy and Angel make a really sexy couple. Tara is a lifelong geek and the founder and publisher of The Geek Initiative.

If it really is Giles who is responsible for the whole hoax (and this is only a theory Favorite Bangel season? Angel refers to The Immortal eating Buffy's cookie dough. section) that Buffy is not actually dating the Immortal ; it's just a joke on Spike and Angel by Andrew.

Forbidden Fate The aspect of fate associated with the couple is very strong.

A powerful vampire and a young vampire slayer generally charged with killing his kind certainly makes for an appealing forbidden romance.

While many people think such a pairing isn’t meant to be, I can’t help but always think true love is a greater force than other challenges, even when the fictional relationships don’t work out.

Vampires Are Sexy Vampires are powerful, eloquent, potentially wise, and overall sexy.

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