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He takes their loss seriously and keeps them in his daily thoughts and prayers.'He came to the United States at a young age and is thankful to have had so many opportunities.

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The Mayor, who previously posted on Facebook she 'wanted to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department', demanded fast answers as the investigation began on Monday.I have never been to a big tournament but have been to a pac 12 in Vegas, I have been at both games and both have had very good crowds, would be surprised if Indy drew anymore, having it a week early sucks, but having it every once in a while in nyc is a smart idea imo To show how dumb RPI is if you replaced Delaware St with DII team on Nebraskas schedule, their RPI would go up 15 spots and be around 45.Beilein continues to ignore this every year with some of the really bad non-conference teams on schedule*Article & link: "The president whose trademark campaign-trail dinner consisted of two Mc Donalds Big Macs, two Filet-o-Fish sandwiches and a chocolate milkshake is cutting back on doctors orders to drop a few pounds..The chilling moments directly after she was killed were captured on an audio exchange between dispatch and the officers involved, on the website Minnesota Police Clips.The call begins just before 11.28pm on Saturday night, when an officer can be heard saying there is a 'female screaming behind the building'.The partner of a Minneapolis cop who shot dead bride-to-be Justine Damond was 'stunned' when the officer opened fire through a squad car door, sources say.Officer Matthew Harrity, who was in the driving seat, was speaking to Damond after she called 911 to report a sexual assault occurring near her home, when his partner reached across him and fatally shot her in the abdomen.The BCA are handling the investigation as part of an agreement made in 2014 so the Minneapolis police don't investigate themselves in sensitive 'critical incident' cases, aimed at bolstering trust in the police.Justine Damon, 40, an Australian living with her American fiance in Minneapolis, called the police to report a sexual assault in the alley near her home.Both cops have been placed on administrative leave.The investigation is being conducted by a state agency, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, rather than internally by Minneapolis police.

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