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I hope they're still together, especially for their daughter. Katy Keeper of Michelle's final pose/fist pump at the end of 2001 Worlds LP In a galaxy filled with phenoms, with comets, and shooting stars.The dominant fixture by which all others are measured... -Jim Mc Kay I certainly don't want to speculate and was actually unsure what to do about this thread. Without discussing private lives or speculating on things (in violation on FAQ), I will stick to facts.

The Olympic pair skating champion Sergei Grinkov was practising on Monday with his wife and partner Ekaterina Gordeeva on an ice rink at Lake Placid, New York.

They had just performed a thrown jump when he suffered a heart attack and later died, aged 28.

They regularly skate there when not doing shows and tours. Also, there have been recent news stories about Ilia trying to open another training center/rink in the OC area so he has been dealing with that and a lot of the local debate/legal issues associated with the proposed center.

People associated with the rink in Aliso Viejo are fighting it since it they argue it would hurt business at their rink.

I certainly hope no one would speculate anything especially since they have never made an announcement. I might decide to close this thread later as ive replied to a rumor thread... They've always done work separately since the girls were little so that one of them could be with the kids while the other was touring.

It's not like they need to be attched to each other's side 24/7. They were together in one of the skating shows this winter, for the first time in a few years, and were mentioned as married, so I concluded at that time the rumor was probably false.Later she grew much bigger, but in their early years the disparity in size looked incongruous; in Germany they were called the "one-and-a-half pair".There was however a great advantage: Katya could easily be lifted overhead with one hand, or be hurled into the spectacular thrown jumps which help make pair skating so much more dramatic than ice dancing.But I guess the children have chosen different paths.Can you imagine how much it would've energized the FS world if Daria was competing now on World and Olympic level.The Grinkovs were one of the most memorable pairs in the history of the sport, combining to a rare degree the conflicting requirements of artistry and athleticism in skating.They won Olympic gold medals six years apart, and many other titles too.They married that year, and their daughter, Daria, was born in summer 1992.They competed in professional championships, and then - like Christopher Dean and Jayne Torvill - took advantage of the unprecedented decision by the International Olympic Committee to allow professionals to skate in the 1994 Olympic Winter Games at Hamar, near Lillehammer.They won three more world titles, losing only in 1988 to their compatriots Oleg and Elena Vasilieva. In a curious episode in 1987, they were disqualified.Grinkov's boot strap came loose during their performance, and the referee, seeing this as a safety hazard, stopped the music.

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