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But for Microsoft -- and for those customers with more sophisticated requirements -- it left a partner program with no way to identify top partners with truly deep subject matter expertise.Microsoft's solution was the MPN, with its subject-matter-specific competencies.

What the MPN competency system creates, however, is the ability for very large partners with truly broad and deep expertise across the Microsoft solution stack to rack up impressive numbers of competencies that firmly establish them as the biggest of the best.

Microsoft doesn't promote partners this way, but the company's online database of partner companies and solutions, Microsoft Pinpoint, holds some answers.

The issue was often best personified in the example of a one-man shop at the Gold Certified Partner level with multiple Microsoft Partner Program competencies.

It was actually a good situation for small shops with broad knowledge of the Microsoft stack that was generally deep enough for SMB customers with relatively shallow IT requirements.

Our platform has been designed with our partners first.

An easy to use system with a whole host of features at your fingertips including; a vast array of dating niches including general and adult, each with a huge choice of sub niches to choose from. Coupled with fully customisable site designs allowing you to have your site looking exactly as you want it to (or you can use one of our wide choice of pre made templates), multi languages, geo targeting, country specific pricing and payment options, the best affiliate marketing tools, powerful reporting functions to allow you to really get an in depth insight into your traffic and finances, and advertising system’s to allow you to make money from adverts that you place on your site, message all or only specific members of your site with newsletters or tempting offers.Silver and gold competency information, as well as status in the Small Business Specialist Community (SBSC) and Cloud Essentials program, comes from each company's entry in the Microsoft Pinpoint directory. To rank the companies, RCP generated a score for each partner company consisting of: What follows is RCP's list of the 50 "most competent" partners worldwide in the MPN.For a partner to reach the top of this list required an engineering department with nearly 100 MCPs and more than million in gold competency revenue commitments.The Dating Factory international dating platform supports 22 languages and has a massive global data base of users.Dating Factory operates worldwide and are Swiss based with offices in the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.The stringent gold competency typically requires four unique Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) to pass a technical exam; two employees to pass a sales and marketing assessment; and one employee to pass a licensing assessment, which applies to all competencies.The less stringent silver competency requires two MCPs to pass a technical exam, one employee to pass a sales and marketing test, and one employee to pass a licensing assessment.Nonetheless, the partners on this list bring something equally extraordinary.For customers, it's the ability to look beyond a specific RFP to underlying companywide issues and identify integrated solutions that leverage the "better together" aspects of the Microsoft stack.Your online dating site on the Dating Factory platform can be up and running within a few minutes.Pre-populated global database and a selection of promo tools and affiliate marketing allows you to market and convert dating traffic into revenue from day one.

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