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“For me it was ‘oh I can’t be bothered’, I guess I was looking for an out or an excuse.” She met Joseph, and the pair hit it off. “I think both of us being able to go out and explore and see things in our area and not have to travel too far, it’s been great.” For Ms Veres, living a quick tram ride from her date has been a great experience. Is it smart to search for singles close to home – or should you factor in a buffer zone?University of Melbourne social sciences lecturer Lauren Rosewarne says the closer you live to your date, the more likely it is that you run in the same social circles, making it a little awkward if things don’t work out.On Tinder, there's no way to judge mannerisms, electricity, tone of voice.. It's on your first date when you realise if "we click".. The more dates I went on, I realised they weren't here looking for your typical MILF fantasy..

Joanne Veres, 37, found dating difficult in the past.

“You still want to be able to return there without bad memories attached after your romance fizzles out,” she says.

For Ms Veres, it wasn’t so much about an awkward encounter if the relationship ended, but about bumping into her new beau on the street at the beginning.

They got along well, and started catching up regularly to use the building’s gym together. “Friends were giving me the famous idiom of not ‘doing something’ where you eat,” he says.

He paid them no mind, and loved having someone nearby to catch up with for a last-minute movie or a weeknight dinner – but it soon became a bit too intense.

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