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Kolkata boudi night room

Well police can prevent to some extent in this sex hungry overpopulated country but then it is the individuals who have to be on the guard.As far as as Park Street is concerned it will mantain its multi character like chamelon.

Those girls protestingly told the guard at the gate "These are our clothes." Once my friend Sinha came out a 5 star hotel on this street in the evening.

Suddenly there was loadshedding, the street lights went off,it was dark.

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There are middle aged travelling sales person looking for one night stand.

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Then there are married businessmen who leave their wives behind and look for easy prey.

It is also the state official language of the Indian states of West Bengal and Tripura, and parts of Assam.

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But slowly as the darkness descends on the city Park Street wraps itself up in evening lights of the shops and street lights.

The transformation is magical,the colour light hides the grimes of the city.

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