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Instead, the country is decorated with broadleaf jungle and cohune forest termed "moist tropical forest".

This forest, savanna wetlands and the Mayan Mountain areas of the country is habitat for an incredible variety of fauna.

Coral islands called cayes, covered with stands of mangrove trees, dot the coast.

The Northern Peten and Campeche Regions of the Yucatan are drained by these river basins.

This area, known as the "Maya Heartland," contains the classic Maya center of Tikal as well as many minor ceremonial centers and hundreds of occupation sites.

Belize borders the Caribbean Sea along the eastern shore of Central America just below the Yucatan Peninsula.

Southern Barrier Reef Islands, Atolls, Northern Atolls, and Mainland areas.

For information on getting from Cancun to Corozal and Belize, click here.

Southern Belize is the site of large plantations that grow citrus, an important export.

Averaging approximately 1,000 feet, the main divide is relatively dwarfed by Victoria Peak which reaches 3,680 feet.

The southern plateau becomes broader and descends westwardly.

North of Belize lies the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

The Rio Hondo, which empties into Chetumal Bay, is the border between the two countries.

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