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The receptionist looked into the register and said “you’re in luck!

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He went to the back and began by blending the sides and the back. Sonia saw that Mike had just finished cutting the girl’s hair. It was shaved at the back and sides and she has about a quarter of in inch on top. Sonia saw that she rose from the seat, looked the cut more closely in the mirror, smiled at herself and then paid and left.

She was woken up again when Tina asked her to rise and led her back to the styling station. Snip snip snip Sonia heard as she saw massive chunks of hair fall in front of her face and onto the cape. Sonia tries to get a view of her face by Tina was standing in the way. Finally she decided that this was the most ridiculous fantasy and that she should just do it. It was very high at the back, shaved almost to her crown. She already had rather short hair, a little over two inches in top and about in inch in the sides and the even shorter at the back. ” Sonia thought, he sure has mane female customers, one just walked out, one in the chair and she was next!

Sonia’s hair was towel dried and Tina brushed through it from scalp to tip. Tina then picked up a pair of scissors and cut through some of Sonia’s hair. “You know, I had inhibitions too about going to a barber to get my haircut, but a friend of mine talked me into it, and I’m really happy I did it.” Tina continued as Sonia saw smaller pieces of hair rain in front of her. And considering how hot It’s getting, it sure is worth a chance.” Tina finished with the bangs and stepped aside so Sonia could get a view of her new bangs. ” The barber picked a large pair of clippers, changed the attachment, tilted the customer’s head down to her chest and began clipping.

As she neared the parking lot, she passed a display board that read ‘INDULGENCE,’ it was the name of the hairstyling salon.

This was the very thing that Sonia wanted to do today—indulge.

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