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Carbon dating christian view

Old earth creationists such as astronomer Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe see the days of Genesis as long periods of time, perhaps even millions of years.

Genesis 1, then, describes the unfolding of God’s creation through vast periods of time.

Other old-earth creationists simply suggest that what is communicated in Genesis 1 is a literary form of the ancient Near East describing a perfect creation.

Genesis 1 was never intended to communicate history, at least in their view.

This prominent formation is found only a few hundred feet below the rim of the canyon and forms one of the many cliffs in the canyon.

Its distinctive yellow cream color makes it look like a thick layer of icing between two cake layers.

His love is bigger than I can grasp, bigger–infinitely bigger–than even the Grand Canyon!

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One of the more obvious formations in the Grand Canyon is the Coconino Sandstone.

We examined many evidences for rapid formation of rock layers, which is essential to the young-earth model.

We spent nearly two hours at the Great Unconformity between the Tapeats Sandstone, which is dated at about 500 million years old, and the Hakatai Shale, which is dated at about 1.5 billion years old.

I will first briefly discuss the biblical aspects of the question, then move on to geology, the flood, and the Grand Canyon.

First, how do the “young-earth” and “old-earth” positions view the Scriptures?

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