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In a ‘1917 Home Hospitals’ list, there were 60 Auxiliary Hospitals in the region “under” the Colchester Military Hospital – of which, 20 were within a 22 mile radius of Colchester. Nurse) BAGGS, Miss Edith Esther (13.8.1917-2.2.1919.

Uxbridge ontario dating

Another contingent of wounded, numbering about 50, and including several Germans, arrived at Colchester on Sunday, and were conveyed to the Garrison Hospital. A young Belgian officer, only 19 years of age, about 6ft. in height, died at the Garrison Hospital on Saturday. Received Local Sick from the South Midland Division, 20th August, 1914.

My father found himself a patient there on two occasions.

As I recall, there was strictly no more than two visitors per bed; strictly-adhered-to visiting times; and strictly no sitting on a bed!

In May 1915, King George Hospital (Ilford) became an approved military hospital with 56 beds – together with its neighbour ‘Valentines Mansion’.

Both were affiliated with the Colchester Military Hospital and provided 137 beds (119 of which were for military use).

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