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The coming of spring has inspired several forms of dancing, The war dances of the Indians are well known. Joy, of course, has been the most moving source of dancing. Lovett, saved a part of the American heritage for the present generation and those to follow. Ford's great interest in old-fashioned dancing that many people still merrily swing to an allemande left and an allemande right.

The lamb skips, the dog leaps, the pleased child dances in ecstasy. "To know his crusade to bring back old-fashioned dancing had been so successful and enduring would please Mr. He, however, never believed the old-fashioned dances had ever left. Early American dancing is not a relic from a crowded attic of nostalgia, but is still a part of the recreational scene.

Some History of Square Dancing America has always had music and dance to remind of us of history.

Take a look at history: We danced when Lindbergh did his trans-Atlantic flight (Lindy-hop which later became known as the Jitterbug), American Bandstand/The Dick Clark Show was a weekly show featuring dance.

By 1960 Chubby Checker made the Twist the most popular dance in the world.

If you take a look at dancing, you see we dance when we are dating, at weddings, at the harvest of the crops, at the end of a war, theatrical productions, religious holidays, and special occasions.In Good Morning the following appears: 'Some have regarded the dance as a part of human speech.From the dance of atoms, through the mating of cerain [sic] birds and animals, up to the tribal dances of the various nations, the expression of emotions and ideas in rhythmic movement of the body bears all the indications of a deep natural instinct.Ford and Lovett believed square dancing taught social training, courtesy, good citizenship, along with rhythm.They felt it should be a part of every school's teaching of physical education.Question 3: Has square dancing been done at Disneyland? Question 9: What famous cartoon character did a square dance skit?Question 4: What year did Dogbert become a square dance caller? Question 10: Who on the TV show Tool Time was learning to be a square dance caller?Not only was this great exercise, but Ford and Lovett felt square dancing corrected the missing fun and teamwork that one-on-one dance lacked.Ford and Lovett felt that having square dancing in schools would help train children in manners, courtesy, and social training, a quality Henry Ford wanted to see excel in people.Question 13: What famous 1950's comic strip put out a square dance book?Question 14: What Wesley Snipes movies has square dancing?

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