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Or towns that led otherwise supportive military spouses to casually be, like, They say there are two kinds of military towns: those that come ready-made and those you "make the most of." After taking into consideration weather, morale, base amenities, stuff to do, and accessibility to major cities, it seems that some of our military’s most heroic acts of service might not be fighting battles abroad, but bravely conquering these 10 towns at home.

Bases: Fort Bragg, Pope Airfield Unlucky call sign: ”Fort Drag,” “No hope Pope" Why it's not great: Fort Bragg is like the Kardashians -- everybody in the Army knows about it, talks about it, and either loves it or hates it passionately.

Because everything is bigger in Texas, the post has the largest on-base bowling alley, fitness center, and Post Exchange (PX) in the whole Army.

It has all the usual complaints of a remote base town with one notable difference: it is regularly ranked among the nation’s worst for air pollution.

Most common escape: We could talk about the nearby cities of Visalia or Fresno, but who cares about that when the most beautiful place on earth is literally in your backyard?

With Duke and UNC (among other universities) nearby, you can get smarter while also becoming manically invested in March Madness.

Base: Naval Air Station Lemoore Unlucky call sign: Armpit of the Navy -- supposedly because of the smell and air quality Why it's not great: Never heard of Lemoore? As with virtually every other town on this list, Lemoore is almost indiscernible on a map.

You know, if you’re into that kinda thing when you aren’t defending the country.

Surprise silver lining: Surrounding Jacksonville are some truly charming historic and seaside towns, including New Bern, Swansboro, and the Emerald Isle.Surprise silver lining: The way to survive Fort Drum is to bundle up, get outside, and start adding ‘ice’ to the front of all your favorite activities: ice fishing, ice climbing, ice walking, ice dining.There’s skiing at Dry Hill, tubing at Maple Ridge Snow Park, and plenty to explore in the Adirondack Mountains.Yosemite National Park is just a couple hours north (and its great hikes! So yeah, Lemoore might not be much to look at, but you are just down the road from some spectacular #nofilter #views.Surprise silver lining: Another perk of living in the agriculture-heavy Central Valley of California is access to fresh, local eggs and produce through farm co-ops. Eating organic and local has never been easier, which is great news for anyone who has watched any documentary on factory farming, ever.(We also plied them for their military packing pro-tips. ) This time, though, we wanted to know where they absolutely HATED being sent.The towns where feral cats circled the moving van when they pulled in.Base: Fort Drum Unlucky call sign: Fort Drunk (due to the number of alcohol-related incidents on base in the 1990s) Why it's not great: As the old joke goes, Fort Drum has two seasons: winter and July.Located on the Canadian border, winters here are long and brutal as the snow piles up and temps dip down to thirty below.The hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque is also within reach, but it will take you at least eleven attempts to spell Albuquerque correctly before your GPS will be any help.Surprise silver lining: From what we can tell, Fort Bliss has the best on-base amenities of any military installation ANYWHERE.

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