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But Madonna hit back in a video for The Telegraph, saying: 'I want to say that my reasons for being here have never changed.

I'm here because I care deeply about the children of Malawi.

Adrina Mchiela, then principal secretary at the ministry, said yesterday: 'I was very involved in the Madonna case.

'It was my job to ensure she took full responsibility for this child.

All I can hope is that David's future will be a priority in divorce proceedings. Malawi's Chief Social Welfare Officer Simon Chisale, who compiled glowing assessment reports to support Madonna's case, describing her as a 'perfect mum', said: 'I think we reported fairly.

No one can really know what goes on between two people even when they seem close.

No one expected this to happen.' Justin Dzonzi, the lawyer who tried to prevent the adoption on behalf of 67 children's rights groups, said: 'The ideal in adoption cases is for lost parents to be replaced by a set of new parents.

David is now losing his new parents, it is indescribably sad for him.Yohane and his first wife Marita had two baby sons who died of malaria before David's birth and his mother's own tragic death.Yohane remembered: 'All I wanted was for David to have a better life.' He does not intend to intervene in Madonna's marriage crisis but wants to know more about his son's future.Das Blog "Die Kalte Sonne" berichtet täglich über neue wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse aus den Klimawissenschaften.Der Schwerpunkt der Berichterstattung liegt auf neuen Arbeiten zum Einfluss natürlicher Steuerungsfaktoren auf das Klimageschehen.Außerdem erscheinen dort Besprechungen und kritische Kommentierungen anderer Artikel und Pressemeldungen.Ziel der vorliegenden Webseite ist es, einen thematisch sortierten Überblick über die kontinuierlich wachsende Zahl der Blog-Artikel zu geben.I'm feeling bad for him.' The peasant farmer placed David in the Home of Hope orphanage at seven weeks old after his mother died from childbirth complications.When Madonna and Guy Ritchie adopted David two years ago his father was assured the little boy had a stable family life ahead of him. David now faces a life spent shuttling across the Atlantic between Madonna and Guy's homes.That is my main priority.'The Material Girl landed in the African country earlier this week to visit not just the orphanage where she adopted her two children Mercy and David, but also to see the ten school blocks she has funded around the country, beginning with Nkoko Primary School in the tobacco-growing district of Kasungu.Christianity, which originated in the Middle East in the 1st century AD, is a significant minority religion of the region.

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