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In June 2009 Rycroft announced her engagement to a man (Tye Strickland) she had been dating in Dallas.

couple shared an adorable picture of 4-month-old daughter Riley Anne in a blog post on Monday, Aug. Jason, 37, and Molly, 28, (nee Malaney) hosted a Country Time Lemonade Stand for the "Great American Lemonade Stand-tacular" campaign to raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, which helps fight childhood cancer.

Guess he wanted both."The Bachelor" Season 22 has not been very exciting, but this new spoiler sure stirs things up. Steve said Arie picks Becca in the end and they get engaged. even shared photos from what looked like a secret hideaway confirming they were together. The new spoiler was previewed, in a way, by Arie himself.

"I thought for sure that I was be the type of mom that needs 'adult time' and I would have a hard time with running on little sleep, but I am the complete opposite.

On the season's finale, Mesnick revealed that he changed his mind.

When Rycroft was brought out, he broke up with her, and she returned the engagement ring.

But if ABC producers were at Lauren B.'s house when Arie showed up, it looks like we as viewers will be shown that awkward love triangle play out.

So the finale and "After the Final Rose" special this year should show us who Arie picked (Becca, supposedly), what went wrong, and what he did next with Lauren. But at least it's good drama, which is more than the season has had so far: It's days like this where it makes absolutely zero sense for ABC to complain about what I do.

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