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Hopefully, there will be a wide selection of English otome games in the future.Put simply, otome game literally means “maiden game”.

Period: Cube is amazingly stunning when it comes to music, CGs, backgrounds, sprites, and graphics.Just like the anime mentioned, Period Cube: - Shackles of Amadeus - follows the same formula.We have our heroine, Kazuha, who is pulled into the world of Arcadia along with her friend Hiroya after finding out that the game has something to do with the disappearance of her brother.Furthermore, one of the unique aspects of this game is that you can form a love triangle of your own.It’s up to the player whether you will stick to your initial partner or just plain choose your second partner and abandon the first one. All in all, if you are looking for a funny otome game to play with, then you can never go wrong with Ozmafia!! We have to warn you though, even with its fun and cute atmosphere, Ozmafia!! You are, after all, playing Wizard of Oz with mafia elements in it.However, we will make sure to include them in our special mention list, so look forward to that.Without further ado, we present you the updated version of top 10 otome games.Sounds very familiar~Same with our aforementioned Ozmafia!!, Period: Cube - Shackles of Amadeus - also has a remarkable premise but lacks the proper execution to fully enjoy the story.These games are Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side series, Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!!, Starry Sky in Spring and After Spring, Dot Kareshi series, Storm Love Kai, Re: Birthday Song, Black Wolves Saga: Bloody Nightmare, Ayakashi Gohan, Second Reproduction, and Boku no Shokora.

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    Sep 5, 2005. For example, one could have a bishoujo ren'ai dating sim, or something like a bishonen ecchi visual novel, and so on. I think there is a need for an overarching english term to talk about all anime-style games. I've been playing around with AS games anime-style games, with the games we make called.…

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    Sep 14, 2017. Im now working with Cinch Gaming! On your next purchase use cinch9320 for 5% off any purchase! This means this will help me and you too! Here's the link. htt.…