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Dating meet her friends

Here's something I don't hear discussed too much in the attraction field.

But ultimately, I have to full close with her or it does become a frame she controls.

Cliffs: - been dating girl for 4 months - don't want to meet her friends because they think I'm too young for her (she's 27) and they are still in love with her ex - she texts me today saying "B is having a get together this Saturday. Lol I'd rather not meet her friends because I have a feeling it will complicated things.

The guys in her social circle still talk to him and have tried convincing her to get back with him. Apparently he threatened to kill himself if she didn't get back with him.

Reason being, I wouldn't be able to help having the impression that this is a person who isn't used to calling their own shots in life, and needs the people in her life to approve of her romantic choices. It depends on how cool her friends are, and if she's using them to judge whether I'm good enough or not. Personally, I don't ever want a girl I'm dating to meet my buddies, not because they'll judge her, but mostly because she will judge me based on a group of friends I have had since Jr. But unfortunately they'll be invited to the wedding too (if I ever meet "the one") so it's inevitable.

Someone that needs continuous feedback and input from others in order to make important decisions, really isn't very attractive to me. But still I hold off until I know she knows me well enough to differentiate between my friends' personality/behaviours and mine. So I guess, I'd be cool meeting her friends after a few dates, by then I'd know her well enough not to lump her in with her friends. I would have no problem being introduced to one or two friends as early the first date.

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