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Windows xp system event log not updating

This list is provided in the next subsection under "Specific Information Sent or Received." You may want to prevent users from sending this information over the Internet through this link and accessing a Web site.

The collected data is confined to what is needed to retrieve more information about the event from the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

User names and e-mail addresses, names of files unrelated to the logged event, computer addresses, and any other forms of personally identifiable information are not collected.

On Windows XP with SP2, most events that originate from Microsoft products will have standard text containing a URL at the end of the description ("For more information, see Help and Support Center at

When users click the link, they are asked to confirm that the information presented to them can be sent over the Internet.

Use the following procedure to view errors, warnings, and informational events in the system log for the SMTP service.

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The event viewer was working well, and then, the Diagnostics- Performance stopped logging. Vista website was not helpful in troubleshooting, only recommended to enable it.While Event Viewer is primarily a tool for administrators to manage event logs, users can also view application and system logs on their computer.Only administrators can gain access to security logs.The dialog box gives a description of the event, which can contain one or more links to Help.Links can either be to Microsoft servers or to servers managed by the software vendor for the component that generated the event.Setting event log permissions for non-admin accounts can be a bit of a black art because you need to configure custom security descriptors using SDDL etc.However there's a very handy MS knowledgebase article on how to do this programmatically: int mask = Event Log Security.Event logs contain information about hardware and software problems and about security events on your computer.A computer running Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (SP2) records events in three kinds of logs: application, system, and security.In Windows XP with SP2, you can do either of these things through Group Policy.In order to access the relevant Help information provided by the link in the Event Properties dialog box, the user must send the information listed about the event.

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