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Seminarians and dating

One of Bierman’s victims, a fellow priest named Reverend Will Doll, committed suicide.

I used to be afraid the photos would one day surface, pictures of me drunk, pissing on the floor as I stumbled down the hallway of the dormitory.

In most colleges, that might not be unusual behavior for a freshman on his first drinking binge. Gregory Seminary, a college for men striving to become priests. By law, the seminarians who supplied the pint bottles of fortified wine could have been arrested.

Although the movie was restricted to adults, he had no trouble getting us in.

That night we stayed at his rectory, and he took my friend into his room for “private counseling.” And touching.

But telling secrets always feels dirty, and the feeling doesn’t diminish simply because some secrets deserve to be told.

Before I go further, however, I must make confession: Gay and lesbian activists have cause to distrust me.

“Needless attacks have been launched against the church,” he writes.

“Rash accusations have been made.” Pilarczyk even argues the church’s sex-abuse scandal doesn’t really have anything to do with the church at all.

Although allegations against him spanned a career of nearly three decades, none of the teachers, priests and bishops who knew what he was doing ever informed police.

What they did instead was this: They claimed God helped them cover it up.

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  • We are Catholic seminarians studying for the priesthood, Ask Us.

    Jan 4, 2014. Date, Time, Person, Description. 12 Feb, 3pm, Billy Gallagher, Author. 13 Feb, 1pm, Tim Starkweather, American Citizens Services Expert, U. S. Department of State. 13 Feb, pm, Al Reinert, Filmmaker For All Mankind, co-writer Apollo 13. 13 Feb, pm, Eli J. Finkel, Relationship Expert. 15 Feb, 7.…