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This story is 100% true, based on very real people, places, and all the times stated are a 100% chronologiacal portray of actual events.I didn't put any tags, because if you don't know what to expect, then you can't complain so muchr Tom was infatuated with his little sister.

He went to her house every night, hoping to see more than the usual tit show. Becky knew he was watching her, and she always put on a good show for him.

“You're playing Hide and Spy with other people? “I never knew how fun it was until I started playing it with Miss Peabody. He'd had the movie store job since sophomore year in high school, and the owner was looking him to manage the place soon. Becky had been asked out on a date at school, but when Mother heard about, the foot came down, and Becky wasn't going. Her mind was racing with excitement and more than a little fear. You can see to the hiring of your replacement with an ad in the paper, and good luck. As long as you don't let it burn down, I don't care what you do for the next six weeks. “Actually, they take twenty percent, right off the top.” he said, then shrugged. Tony will be dropping by from time to time, as he usually does, you know, to keep an eye on things? The first thing he did was call his mother and tell her the good news about his promotion, and the apartment over the store that was his now.

None of her tears, temper tantrums, and usual wheedling tactics cut any ice. Fear of getting caught like this by their mother, mostly, but also a little fear because she didn't know what Tom was going to do. “I know, this isn't the life of glamor that you have envisioned for yourself, some hot shot businessman on Wall Street somewhere, but even the CEO had to start as gopher, right? “In fact, I'm now looking forward to the opportunity getting actual experience is going to afford me.” he said. “And you know I'm just a phone call away if you have any questions.” He opened his drawer and put the paperwork from his desk into it, then got his briefcase out and opened it on the desk. Thank you my boy; I know you won't let me down! I'm going to be in Ireland.” “Well, thank you, sir! “I won't let you down.” “I know that you won't, and just to make sure of it, Tony is going to be stopping by periodically, just to help keep things running smoothly.” “Tony.” Tom said flatly. He knows you're in charge, but having some muscle around don't hurt a business like this at all. Anderson walked out of the office, and left the store. She took the news in silence, and he could hear her lips tighten when he told her that he was going to move into it this very afternoon. “You're going to run the store with a curtained off booth in it. How nice for you.” “Mom, the only thing back there is empty movie boxes.” he explained for the thousandth time. She nodded as he he left, and caught the bus back home to his mother's house.

She rubbed both hands together, always staying on the outside of her body, and giving her clit 95% of the attention.

Tom wanted more than anything to go in to her, but he knew their mother kept an eagle eye on him, and her daughter's bedroom door. The one time his mother had ever mentioned it, Becky had leapt to her brother's defense. If he wasn't trying to peep at nudity, then what was it?

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