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In Florida 32% of Bahamian Americans 25 years and older held college degrees.

After 1825, Bahamian wreckers began moving to Key West in large numbers.Blacks could not vote, were persecuted by epithets in Miami press, and were not allowed to stay in the hotels that employed them.And in 1921, the Ku Klux Klan staged a large rally attacking these black immigrants in Miami.Although the majority of Bahamian Americans live in the Southern United States, a large population can be found in the New York City area, with the population particularly centered in Harlem.Bahamian Americans in the New York City area regularly provide cultural education and entertainment, particularly due to the Office of the Bahamas Consulate General in New York being located in the city.Bahamians built and still reside in the oldest inhabited neighborhoods in Miami like Coconut Grove and Lemon City.Bahamians represented 1/3 of the vote to incorporate the area into the new city Miami Bahamians were among the first Caribbeans to arrive to the mainland US in the late nineteenth century.The majority of Bahamian Americans, about 21,000 in total, live in and around Miami, Florida, with the Bahamian community centered in Coconut Grove.There is also a growing Bahamian American population in the Atlanta and Oklahoma City areas.9.9% held associate degrees, 17.5% held bachelor's degrees, and 11.7% held graduate or professional degrees. In New York State, 46.7% of Bahamian Americans 25 years and older held degrees.18.5% held Graduate or Professional degrees, 20.6% held bachelor's degrees, with 7.6% holding associate degrees.

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