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There is no need to put more stumbling blocks in their path.Rather, I want folks to wrestle with the real arguments and the real substance of what I’m talking about.When AD and BC began to become popular, their advantages became obvious to all.

Some people do write or say AD after the year, but as this is technically incorrect, it is far better to write or say AD 2015. In my role as an editor, I’ve noticed that there is definitely a movement away from unnecessary punctuation.

Show your students examples of these dates in a lesson and then go over the explanation above.

Our Famous Places lesson on Nazca Lines includes BC and AD in the first paragraph of the reading.

(In fact, editing this lesson for our new English App is what inspired this blog post! Get unlimited access to 700 lessons and 2000 flashcards.

And reckoning time from the reign of a sovereign lacked universality.

Even if the ruler was an emperor, the calendar would typically start over with the next ruler.The older terminology for dividing time was AD and BC, the one meaning anno domini (in the year of our Lord) and the other meaning “before Christ.” All time in the western world has been looked at through this lens. In the last few years, some Christian scholars (and several non-Christian writers) have begun to use CE and BCE, which refer to the “Common Era” and “Before the Common Era” respectively.Such a perspective is not necessarily hostile to the Christian faith.That says it well: Jesus Christ is the fulcrum of all of life and all of history. First, this nomenclature distinguishes our western tradition from biblical authority. The terminology, as we have noted, was not invented for hundreds of years, and it took nearly a millennium after that before its usage became popular.All chronology is split by whether it is before Christ or after Christ. As important as the concept of BC and AD are to believers, the terminology is not on the same level.To be sure, this was not on the minds of those who promoted the new terminology.But today, when even evangelical Christians are all over the map regarding the origins of mankind (let alone the universe!All of the apostles conceived of time from the incarnation of the theanthropic person (or, more properly, from his death and resurrection), but they registered time in the same way that everyone else in their society did: from the reign of the current emperor.When evangelicals insist that others should use BC and AD, because to do otherwise is not Christian, they are inadvertently elevating tradition to the level of biblical authority.As an imperfect analogy, consider this: There are some good Christian southerners who are proud of the Confederate flag.In the deep south, many of them prominently fly that flag over their homes.

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