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Who is ann heche dating

Ellen De Generes is comedian, actress and TV show host. In 1985, she appeared in the play As the World Turns and this role also offered a role in the New York City but her mother denied her to take that role and insisted her to complete her high school graduation.

Anne Heche and James Tupper have called it quits after more than a decade together."James and I have shared a great life together and have many wonderful memories.

We've enjoyed working together, most recently on , which broke the news.

As Radar can exclusively reveal, De Generes, 59, has no intention of ever interviewing her estranged ex-girlfriend.

Though the two were madly in love for over three years – and claimed to have ended things amicably – Heche, 48, is one A-lister she does not want on her stage.

"I always thought you had to leave the world to get love. The insanity was the build to the sanity." Heche won't label herself bisexual, heterosexual or homosexual - and her new husband doesn't mind. who actually embraces the same notion about sexuality that I do, which is that you love who you love," she says. And he was not threatened at all because he understood that I could love a woman." The couple plans to go on a honeymoon after a book tour for her autobiography, "Call Me Crazy," which hits bookstores today.

Actress Anne Heche with ex-lover Ellen De Generes (below right).

Anne Heche tells Barbara Walters tonight that she had the best sex she'd ever had with TV comic Ellen De Generes - until she met the man who's now her husband. Heche explains her bizarre behavior as a culmination of a lifelong journey to find love and sanity since the abuse by her father, who died of AIDS in 1983.

Heche ended her romance with De Generes a year ago and married cameraman Coleman (Coley) Laffoon on Saturday in Los Angeles. the best sex I'd ever had," Heche reveals about her relationship with De Generes in an interview with Walters, to be broadcast tonight at 10 on ABC-TV's "20/20." "I felt ... All her life, she says, she heard voices, called herself Celestia and spoke to God in a language called Quiness.

Talking about how she and De Generes met at Vanity Fair's 1997 Oscar party, Heche says De Generes announced to her she was coming out as a lesbian on her TV show the following week. "I was told in order to get on the spaceship that I would have to take a hit of Ecstasy," she says.

sensuous and sexual in a way I hadn't before." The 32-year-old actress - who also says she spent most of her life suffering from mental illness triggered by sexual abuse from her father - had a two-year relationship with actor-comic Steve Martin before becoming internationally famous as De Generes' out-and-proud girlfriend. Afterward, a dazed and confused Heche was found wandering on a Fresno, Calif., farm, saying she was looking for a spaceship.

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