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Updating older dark paneled house

We found out from the neighbors that about 2 years ago, the new concrete siding was put on this house, as well as a new roof. My dad worked on getting some shingles up on the little roof over the backdoor, so that is coming along too.

When that was done, apparently, they didn’t replace the gutters and it has been gutter-less all this time. It will be awhile before he finishes trimming it out completely and I’ll wait a bit before painting it all white, but one day it will really be cute. Back in the kitchen, it is finally time to tear out the last wall of base cabinets that houses the sink.

Men sometimes have a really hard time painting wood, but this is just a wood facsimile and deserves to be painted. If you have REAL wood paneling, that’s a different story, so you’ll have to duke it out with the man at your house.

(Seriously, seriously lovely.) And you can use paneling to create vastly different moods.

I’m down to the last big room to be painted and that is the den. I have never been a fan of wood paneling and vowed if I ever inherited a house that had it, it would be painted in no time flat. This paneling is actually made of real wood (thin for sure), but I don’t have a problem covering it up. It’s a drop ceiling, not my fave, but underneath is ugly ductwork and pipes and so I can’t just take down the ceiling.

The old cabinets were so rickety and unstable and I’m so happy I didn’t try to keep them. That’s going to be a big job and we are tackling that ourselves.

Because look what was behind just this row of cabinets. Bought an angled floor nailer from Floor and Décor and we are ready to start nailing now.

He added some trim to the ends too and has a little more trimming out to do and then it will be ready to paint. We left it as long as we could and now it’s time to rip it out.

He’s going to put some metal up in the ceiling part and I will paint it out. He got off the old faux butcher block backsplash that was oh, so ugly. This was such a dirty kitchen, it was unbelievable.There is not a really easy way to paint a metal door, but I used the foam roller on the flat parts and brush in the grooves. I did tape up the doorknobs and inside the glass with Frog Tape. We still have to rip out the old wood down there and repair plywood that is rotted inside the door.The reason I haven’t painted the trim yet is because it’s all wonky and weird and has to be worked on. It is often surprisingly affordable, and incredibly easy to install, and the impact? Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook (e.g., school, work, current city, age) will appear with your comment. Modern or Traditional, Masculine or Feminine, Sleek or Rough, City or Country, the possibilities are endless. There is a different kind of paneling for every different kind of home (and homeowner). After the jump, I’ve amassed 49 paneled inspirations for you and your next room remodel (and to think my goal was to keep this under 10 images–whoops! Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.Whoever put the door in didn’t trim it out right and we will have to try to fix things with some additional molding, so I will get to that eventually and get it fixed and painted.I did get the railing painted and installed again with my newly sprayed hardware on the right. That was huge too, since the house had no gutters at all.I haven’t even priced them out, so I need to take one down and haul it with me to Lowes to see what they have that will fit this grid.UPDATE: I may have found a great solution, just need some $$ to do it. I’m still debating on what to do with that ceiling.I’m sure those tiles are original, cause they are very saggy and stained and even the vents are duct-taped in the top, which will have to go.

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