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Gsmart i120 updating rom

A user can install the HPE System Management Homepage (SMH) as a part of the complete Service Pack for Pro Liant (SPP), or they can install the HPE SMH component individually.

If a server has been deployed more than three months after purchase, upgrade the firmware on the system and also on any options that are installed using the HPE Support Center , rather than the Firmware Maintenance CD that shipped with the server.The HPE Smart Update Manager (HPE SUM) utility enables the user to deploy software and firmware components from a single, easy-to-use graphical user interface.HPE SUM is delivered with HPE Service Pack for Pro Liant (SPP) and HPE Integrity firmware bundles.Beginning with the Firmware Maintenance CD Version 7.50, the HPE Smart Update Manager Utility (HPE SUM) has replaced the HPE ROM Update Utility.All other firmware update methods, including Offline Systems ROMPaq and Online ROM Flash are unaffected and continue to be supported methods of flashing the System It is important to update the firmware (Also called - flashing the ROM) as part of regular server maintenance.In addition, checking for specific firmware updates in between regular updates helps to keep the server performing optimally.In Pro Liant servers, hard drives, Smart Array Controllers, Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition (RILOE), Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II (RILOE II) and Integrated Lights-Out (i LO) options have firmware that can be updated.For the purposes of this document, it will be referred to collectively as - firmware.These Smart Components enable the update to be performed while the server is operational, thereby avoiding costly server downtime.The Smart Component updates the firmware and configures the system so that the new settings will take effect on the next reboot.

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