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Bart asks the ball whether he and Milhouse will still be friends by the end of the day, and the ball predicts they will not. A new girl from Phoenix, Samantha Stanky, starts at Springfield Elementary School the same day, and Milhouse instantly falls in love with her.

To Bart's dismay and anger, Milhouse and Samantha start a relationship and, rather than playing with Bart after school in his treehouse, Milhouse brings Samantha with him and spends the entire time hugging and kissing her.

It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 7, 1992.

In the episode, Bart's best friend Milhouse falls in love with the new girl in school, Samantha Stankey.

She said: ‘If someone comes up with a burnt copy of my CD and offers it to you for £4 I haven't a problem with that as long as the person buying it places some kind of value on my music.’ It is understood that Cooper now spends most of his time at Miss Allen’s north-west London home.

She has had a chequered love life, confessing earlier this year that she found boys her own age immature and preferred to go out with older men.

I'd like him to be proud of me but not impressed.'I wouldn't go out with anyone my age.

I have sex with people my age but I wouldn't go out with them.They ignore Bart, leaving nothing for him to do but leave in tears.Milhouse and Samantha spend all their free time together.It acquired a Nielsen rating of 12.4 and was the fourth highest-rated show on the Fox network the week it aired.While riding the bus to school, Milhouse shows Bart his new fortune-telling toy, a Magic 8 ball.The episode was written by Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky, and directed by Jim Reardon.American actress Kimmy Robertson guest starred in the episode as Samantha.Just weeks before meeting Ed, the signer split from record label executive Seb Chew - who was in his mid-30s - after a two and a half year relationship."Bart's Friend Falls in Love" is the twenty-third episode of The Simpsons' third season.The opening sequence of "Bart's Friend Falls in Love" is a parody of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, while the closing sequence parodies the film Casablanca.Since airing, the episode has received mostly positive reviews from television critics.

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